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SiteCube's Flash Website Builder is extremely user friendly!

SiteCube flash website builder has truly been a blessing to me! The website builder was extremely "user friendly" and it did not take me more than a week to build my site. I am always thinking about what I can add next to enhance my site. On top of all of that, I have had more compliments on this site, than I ever had on my previous website. Thank you SiteCube!

Liz Tripodi

SiteCube gets me "Wow" responses!

The flash website builder has given me the opportunity to create an affordable website that appears very expensive with flash introduction and beautiful graphics...I get "WOW" responses from my customers every day!

Michele Tierney

The Flash Site Builder cost me one tenth only!

I was quoted prices up to $3000.00 to build a website for my business. I found SiteCube site builder and for less than $300.00, I built a better website than a pro at a fraction of the cost. It was fun and easy.

russell poland

God bless SiteCube Flash Website Builder!

I LOVE SITECUBE's Flash Website Builder!!! I have received so many compliments on my site. I NEVER received compliments like this on my previous site. The system is very USER-FRIENDLY to make your own site....and so is the staff...always willing to help! Let me just say that I researched several companies to do my site, but I came out much better financially doing it myself and with peace of mind. God bless SITECUBE.COM!!!

Khrystil Black

Thanks many times over sitecube!

I am extremely pleased with the website that I built (with sitecube's website builder software). I had previously tried other "easy-to-build" site building software only to get frustrated and give up. Not only did I succeed this time, but the results (I believe) speak for themself - Thanks, many times over.

Patti Holmes

The flash website builder is the best!

SiteCube's Flash Website Builder is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I tried few website builders but SiteCube' Builder is no.1. Very easy with a lot of fantastic features. I have received many emails from customers and all said our site is very professional. They all said are very impressed. If I will have to build any new site, surely I will use SiteCube Flash Website Builder. Don't waste your money with other site builders, SiteCube is the best!

Krzysztof Giemza

SITECUBE Website Builder to anyone who wishes to build a website!

We must say thanks to SiteCube website builder that is user friendly and the instructions easy to follow we were able to build our very first website and launched it only after a few weeks of working on it. Thanks to SiteCube Support Team who also assisted us on several occasions. We've had positive comments from our friends and clients alike. I would recommend the sitecube website builder to anyone who wishes to build a website and has no previous experience. Keep up the good work.

Campbell & Bernadine Dill

I believe the online web building program is awesome!

I believe the online web building program is awesome and the online chat support is fantastic. It is easy to work with, for advance or even as a beginner you can build your website here. Try Sitecube web builder and you will definitely notice the difference!


SiteCube is easy to use, flexible and great value for money.

I was looking for a straightforward solution to get my music website up and running quickly and found that sitecube site builder is easy to use, flexible and great value for money, but, as I have discovered it is that quality of the ongoing service and online support that is outstanding. So often you can buy a product that fits the bill, only to find that the service afterwards is lacking, but not so for sitecube. The sitecube all round package is excellent and highly recommended.


SiteCube's Website Builder templates are really easy to work!

I have tried serval times with other companies to design my website and really got fustrated. I am not a web designer and not familiar with all of the technical steps to design a web site. SiteCube's templates are really easy to work with and helps you step by step to design your site. They also had a big variety of templates for you to chose from. They were so easy to work with I ended up starting another website with them! With Sitecube Website Builder, I now feel comfortable working on my sites and I enjoy it! A big plus!


The SiteCube setting up was ultra-simple and clear, the quality - top flight.

I would be delighted to have The Hawks Perch ( a featured site on the SiteCube showcase. Please use any of my photographs too if you like. I have so much enthusiasm for your company and product, please feel free to edit my remarks for your purposes.

After months of trying to build my website with inferior systems and on the hunt, I accidentally found SiteCube. I used your free trial and had my site uploaded in less than a week. I shifted everything to SiteCube, domain management, email, the works. You run a fantastic business. There are so many awful programs out there, the ones that are vaguely professional are exhorbitant, the cheap ones pure torture. The SiteCube setting up was ultra-simple and clear, the quality - top flight. Your technical support people are a dream. The frustration of working with other site builders is like nothing imagineable, they're sloppy and uninformed, their bad advice to a novice can costs hours and days of reworking. The SiteCube people consistently stay on hand until problems are solved. In one of my first on-line chats you identified and corrected a "design flaw" on the form I'd chosen while I was on line!

What a reliable resource you are. Nothing ever drops out of sight, alters position, fails to load. I think one of my favorite features is that I can continually make changes, and publish new material in less than a minute whenever I choose. No extra charges, and fabulous things like the store and video included in one basic price.

You've made it affordable. I'm an artist and writer, with hundreds of pictures in my galleries and samples of my books. There's still room for more! Every comment on The Hawks Perch starts with WOW. The log check system you provide is also excellent. Thanks for providing such a fantastic product and so many inventive designs to choose. It's fast. It's easy. It's thoroughly professional. Best of all, everything works!


It was pleasure to do business with SiteCube, is the best deal I have ever got.

It was my pleasure to do business with The design setup is very easy to work with, everything is perfect & this is the best deal I have ever got. Thank you so much.