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My appreciation to SiteCube for providing me with a program that is incredibly easy and fun to use.

I searched the internet for 2-3 months, trying to find a website design program that I could use to develop my website. I seriously looked at several programs, before selecting I am writing to express my appreciation to Sitecube for providing me with a program that was incredibly easy and fun to use. I have zero website design experience. If I can put together a professional looking website...anyone can do it. I am very happy with the program, and can't begin to tell you how much I apreciate the 24 hour help line. Your on-line assistance has made a huge difference. Thank you again for all of your help!!

Mike Hartman


After searching and researching ...finally! FINALLY! You answered our prayers. We love our new site and everyone who checks it out is so impressed. It's like we have a 10,000 or more dollar website, but of course it wasn't that much at all... Love you guys!


SiteCube Website Builder is so easy.

The staff at SiteCube was extremely helpful and responsive as I got my site up and running. I've received numerous compliments about both the professional and creative aspects of my website. I've never built a website before, and had no idea building your own website could be so easy.

Terri Gwyn

SiteCube has been a great experience!

SiteCube's easy to use website builder has been a fantastic experience for me! Having just started a new business, I was keen to publish the website as soon as possible. After researching the internet and realizing that it would be very expensive, I found SiteCube's Website Builder to be the answer to my problems! With over 200 themes and 9000 site design possibilities to create my own website and being able to edit at any time, I found this programme easy to use, and much more than that, I made a one off payment and my site was up and running in less than one week. All together this has been and continues to be a great experience.

Colin Tanner

I built an amazing site with the Website Builder all by myself!

I built up our company's website myself and this was very easy thanks to your so easy to use website builder. I've been receiving so many compliments on our new website and I am so proud to have built such an amazing website all by myself. The programme is really easy to use if you want to make your own website. I will recommend your site to everyone I know cause apart that its so user friendly all the staff were great whenever I needed any kind of help.

Romina Mangion

Thanks for keeping it simple!

I have had a pleasant experience dealing with SiteCube. My British car club has been looking for a web designer for months and have actually tried a couple only to find out that they are too expensive and all the updates are at their mercy. With SiteCube's Website Builder, the site fit our budget, it was easy to build our website and I have had people tell me that it is actually better than the one we had before from a professional IT person. I have actually stood up in front of my club of 60 members and suggested that they use this site for their future site building needs. Thanks for keeping it simple!

Todd Smith

I would recommend to anyone!

Your service is great. It allows me to create a one of kind site, and have my business up and running in days, instead of weeks or months. A website builder I would recommend to anyone!

Mike Soprano

I highly recommend you try the Website Builder.

The staff at SiteCube was extremely helpful and responsive as I got my site up and running. I've received numerous compliments about both the professional and creative aspects of my website. I've never built a website before, and had no idea building your own website could be so easy.
Jennifer Valentine

SiteCube boosted our business!

Even though I had no experience with creating web sites, sitecube was very easy and the step by step instructions were great, the most helpful part though was the exstensive image library.
  Thank you it really helped to boost my business.


SiteCube gets a thumbs up!

My experience with SiteCube has been great. The program was easy to use and fast, and it is easy to update my website which I do often. I am a professional artist, hence the presentation of my work is paramount, SiteCube helped me to do that with style... I've got nothing but great compliments about it...SiteCube gets a thumbs up from me"

Douglas Trujillo

SiteCube has awesome live help!

My business associates think I spent a fortune having it built, and I still haven't let them in on the fact that I didn't spend 12k on it - as one person assumed. If I told everyone about Sitecube, everyone's site would be as incredible as mine and I really enjoy having the most hi-tech, impressive site in my Industry :-) Another great thing about Sitecube is that it has awesome "live" chat help.


I have received rave reviews from the people... who visit my site

I have to say that I have received rave reviews from the people who visit my site. They think I paid 1,000's of dollars for it. For me, it's so easy to make and to edit the site. Just a couple of clicks and I can change copy and update photos. I wanted a professional looking website that tells a story about my mission in life. I want to thank you for helping me communicate my story.

Victor Pacini

wonderful site builder to create an excellent site full of imaginative tools.

Best Regards, its a pleasure put in words that I have experimented doing my site. Its too fun, amazing, useful, incredibly easy and people says its a beautiful site we have.The guys and creators of sitecube must be proud to promote and work on this wonderful program to create an excellent site full of imaginative tools.
Thaks for all the support they gave me through these months.

Eugenio Del Rio

I am extemely impressed with the way my site looks and performs-nice one SiteCube!

I found that the SiteCube Website Builder was extremely user friendly and straight forward to navigate through from the initial stages to the completed website. I am extemely impressed with the way my site looks and performs- nice one SiteCube!

danny clarke

What a way to build a website

EASY, EXCITING, and BEAUTIFUL! This incredibly easy website builder walks you through the entire process. Unique templates and so many to choose from! Extremely easy, exceptional support and the option to update anything and everything at any time. There is no better way to build website than this! is the only way to go!
Howell Tucker

Like I always tell you..."You are AWESOME!!

I don't know what's more impressive...what I accomplished with SiteCube's website builder, or the creators of of SiteCube website builder. I do know this, if anyone wants the best look, function, features, price and customer service to build a website or to upgrade an old current site go directly to SiteCube.

For 3 months I worked on building my own "flash" site. One late night, or rather, early morning I unintentionally came upon SiteCube. I reviewed the simple details and sample sites then decided to try building a website with SiteCube. I didn't have anything to lose because they let me build it before I bought it. The the number of animated templates and stock images to choose from were far more than anyone would expect, not to mention the quality. And, of course, I'm able to upload my own images as well.

To make a long story short, I never considered going back my own 3 month old "flash" project and was able build my SiteCube site in short order. The best part was that I didn't have to pay for it until I was actually ready publish it on the web. How cool is that? I'll tell you...Very COOL!!! And, if I ever needed help I would talk with someone LIVE online or leave an email and get the issue solved every time.
I had a feeling that SiteCube was going to be one of the best things for our new company, and I was right. We get many, many compliments on our site because it looks as if we pay a ton of money for it.
Thank you SiteCube Team. Like I always tell you..."You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reddie Henderson




Very impressed with the look!

Our firm has been tremendously pleased with all the feedback on our new site. As we build the website and share it with potential customers (prior to opening) they have been very impressed with the look and ease of use. I like the site so much, I have sent several of my friends to you for their business.

Jeff. Webster

I switched immediately!!!! I love it!

In response to your inquiry about the website builder, I have to let you know this was by far, the EASIEST site building tool I've ever used and believe me, I tried quite a few from Hyperstreet, Go Daddy, Fortune City!!! But this was the best!!! As soon as I found it, I switched immediately!!!! I love it!

Natalie Thompson

This is the best and easiest web host program..I am still incredibly impressed.

thank you for the opportunity to give you my opinion about Sitecube. Man, this is the best and easiest web host program I have used to create my own website, by allowing me to tailor the site the way I wanted to do it, including the background images. The real plus is that I am an Author/Composer/Entertainer and the site has been viewed in the last two weeks some 100 000 times, all the feedback I have received has been incredible, a nice, professional, easy to cruise through and doubly easy to update. Although I would like to add a forum and a shopfront I am still incredibly impressed.

Jason Kemp

Customer support was so friendly and knowledgeable; and NO WAIT!!!!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your services. I had been searching the web for months assuming I had to purchase a site template and then customize and post it somewhere. It got more and more confusing and the templates I could find were boring and too generic. I am still jumping up and down about having found Sitecube's Website Builder. It was so easy to create my website, and so versatile. I can not tell you how much more revenue, and compliments, my salon has gotten using your sophisticated services. I have had to contact tech support a few times with simple "how to" questions; every person understood my question and knew the exact answer. In all honesty, I expected your tech support to be horrible since that has been my experience with most software type customer service departments. Yours was friendly and knowledgeable; and NO WAIT!!!!!

Todd Suttles

A top notch and easy site builder!

Sure I would love to comment on the ease with which it took me to create my own website. The directions given in the website builder were very simple to understand and easy to implement. I have received many positive comments on my web site and that makes me feel good. I have been extremely pleased with the problem solving that SiteCube offers and the rapid response that I get.

Thank you for providing a top notch and easy web site builder

Randy Kopke

SiteCube Thanks so much!

I knew nothing about building a website, your powerful web building tools, slick graphics and sound, made it so easy. Simple points and click tools, in less than an hour I had an extremely professional presence on the web. I emailed the link to all of my friends and business associates, their response was an overwhelming "wow." The easiest and coolest was to get your business on the web, your staff are incredibly helpful with the fastest answers to all my questions. Thanks so much!!!

paul kendrick

Its easy and its brilliant!

I am so happy to have found sitecube and to have used the "incredibly easy website builder" to create a website. Other website builders do not compare with sitecube's website builder. Not only was it easy to create a website, but with the feedback that I've had, for example, one customer said, when asked about what she thought about the site, "its brilliant" - I'm sure that my website is the most well presented and professional website I could have hoped for, and without using a website designer. Not having to use a website designer was important to me because I know other people who have used one and then for any small alteration they were/still are - at the mercy of the website designer's fees and/or timetable. With sitecube I am in control and can make any changes at any time I want, at no extra cost and with complete ease.


Create a website with an excellent product! at a fair price.

Thanks SiteCube for an excellent product to create websites. The flash animation and professional layouts make for an elegant web experience. I would and have recommended your services to my friends and colleagues.
Dr. William Huszti

You are on Site Cube, don't let it pass over your head...

Hi my name is Gilbert Morales, christian minister on the music. My experience with Site Cube is a great one. Great service and the opportunity to create a website without the knowledge of html or things like that. if you are still looking for the perfect hosting and website builder, your search is over! You are on Site Cube, dont let it pass over your head...

Gilbert morales

I couldn’t believe how impressive, everything moved so swiftly.

Site Cube is undoubtedly, one of the best site building providers the internet has ever seen. Most sites will make promises on their home page which are obvious exaggerations. When I first purchased the package I couldn’t believe how impressive the template variations were and how everything moved so swiftly. SiteCube helped me to make my own website so professional and get to where I am today by projecting a professional image on those I deal with within the music industry

Jamie Westwood

The SiteCube Website Builder is so amazed...!

Hi! SiteCube has my permission to show my comments and website and edit if needed, Karen Jenner! I am so happy I found SiteCube Website Builder! This happened on the same day I just purchased a "do it yourself" software package and a hosting plan that was not as easy as their name claimed. The more time I spent on trying to build the web pages the more time I was losing investing into my business. Then I found SiteCube and is so amazed how user friendly it is! It was definitely what I was looking for! And the best part was that I was able to transfer my domain and set up a site immediately in time for the holidays! Being able to have the freedom to edit when you need to saves you so much money. You don't need to pay anyone by the hour and there is free 24/7 help when needed! The best thing I can say about Sitecube is there customer service. The company has a great customer service team. They really care about their customers. I truly want to thank Site Cube. It is a dream to many new business owners to one day have their own website, and Sitecube makes that dream come true! Thank You,

Karen Jenner/Things of Bling


We have been very pleased with the ease of the site builder. It has helped us get a quality website and one that is easily updated. Thanks!

Justin Wright

An affordable way to make a website!

We have been very happy with our SiteCube experience. I looked over many other web building sites but felt SiteCube would allow us to present our business with a stronger presence. In building the site we found the instructions and the template easy to follow and in those times when there were questions the on line chat assistance met our needs. Thank you for providing a way to have an affordable website with lots of space for pictures and information and one that we can change and manage ourselves.

M M Morrison

SiteCube is a perfect fit!

Sitecube has given us an opportunity to have a professional presence on the web at an affordable price. The website builder has given us the flexibility to update our site in real time and with little effort. With our needs as a small business, Sitecube has been the perfect fit

Erik Ibarra

Appreciate the service sitecube offered us..

Hi. Sitecube was an awesome way for our church to get something that looked professional up in just a couple of days. It also helped up save a ton. We tried other companies, we paid 6 times more for something that looked simple and ,to be frank, cheap.
A few things I would like sitecube to offer in the future, and I would be willing to pay extra, is a place for streaming our services and a place to sell products online.
I realize this would probably be complicated in a "do it yourself website builder", but it would be great. However, we are very pleased with the product we have through sitecube and appreciate the service sitecube offered us in a desperate time of need.

Devin Lowe

Magnificent Website Builder software!

I have received hundreds of compliments on the high quality of my website. The support in the beginning was exceptional! Thanks again for providing such a magnificant websiite building software and technical support!
Scott A. Capestany

Great for businesses..

Your website builder is... BY FAR.... the most Superior to any other website builder I have ever used! I happen to be well versed in website building, but if I wasn't, I would rate your site as the most user-friendly I have ever experienced. All the intros and themes are amazing, and there is a LARGE selection to choose from to meet the needs of many businesses! If a business is looking to get "up and running" in a matter of minutes... THIS IS THE SITE TO USE!

Thomas Heaney

SiteCube Site Builder is better than anything I imagined!

I had tested out 5 other website builders and frustration after frustration kept me searching. I even tried hiring a professional web designer who's initial design was nowhere near what I was looking for. I fired him on the spot and decided to do it myself. When I finally found I was impressed by the quality selection of templates with snazzy flash technology and the diversified music selections. But what really got me was the ease of use and the technical support provided. I considerer myself Technologically Challenged and allowed me to create a website that is way better than anything I could have imagined.

Ed Terranova

Plenty of space to use....

Excellent hosting - site is always up and working well. -easy to use design feature -security I really like the fact no one can right click on my images (of children doing arts and crafts etc) - means pictures can't fall into the wrong hands. Child safety is something we take very seriously in my line of work and anything that aids with that is a good thing. -ease of image loading and the gallery - very easy to use - plenty of spaces to store pictures as I build my library of images. this was the best service for this feature I could find. Look out for face painting at the Notting Hill carnival from September!

Stephanie Shobiye

Easy and efficient.

We have found the Site Cube website builder extremely easy and efficient to use and understand. We have received so many positive comments from our customers about our website it has been amazing. And best of all we didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great looking site. Every experience that I have had with your customer service representatives has been excellent. We would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Michael G. Bolling

The price is right!

Site Cube's "Incredibly easy website builder" truly is the easiest way to build a website. I've been able to create an image for us that was virtually impossible with other websites, I can login any time and make changes I feel necessary without having to explain it and wait for someone else to do it. The tech support is very responsive and the price is right. To me it's a no brainer for a quick very nice website.

Brandon Fields

That's super cool...

We have been extremely pleased with the increased look of professionalism our site now has. We can't stress enough to people considering using your services how EASY this really is. I have had colleagues critique our new look. "Interactive", "Informative", "Love the Design", "WOW" are the comments we have received. Thanks for helping me to switch my existing domain so I didn't have to change all of my marketing...that's super cool.

Jim Montgomery

Thanks for friendly support..

We love the look of our site. We are getting to a point know where all we need is a greater amount of images to complete our site. When our clients and prospecting staff view our site they are very impressed and feel comfortable doing business with us. Thanks again for friendly support and correspondence.

r s

I am very proud of SiteCube website builder and it was so easy to put together. The best web site I've ever had!!

SiteCube is outstanding!! I am very happy with the final product. My web site was so easy to put together and I can't believe how professional it looks. I've had other web sites over the years but FINALLY I have my dream web site!! Everything I put on my site was always so difficult to do on other carriers. I have no clue about HTML language and yet SiteCube made it so easy for my to practically "fill in the blanks." I saved hundreds of dollars by not having a computer guru put together my web site. Thanks for making my new web site a dream come true!! Thanks for everything - especially all the live help in putting together my web site.
Randy Traynor