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About Rastavacations:

I have a travel related site created to drive traffic to 2 opportunity sites but mainly to make a comfortable living by offering off the beaten path, fun, unique vacation packages and locations and related services and items in a community embraced website for a unique community not being served in the larger conglomerates and companies.

About SiteCube:

I have been with you 3 years now and still haven't found any other site builder that can enable me to make a site like mine so easily. When I tell people I did this myself they are amazed! I think if it weren’t for Sitecube I would still be wondering where to just start to or how to build a website. You've made it so easy!
There's a lot of work that goes into any site, but being able to be so creative and have such dramatic results with such little effort and virtually NO technical knowledge has really enabled me to get professional results with extremely amateur knowledge. Thank you- and thank LIVE CHAT and “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” support as well- they are always GREAT to work with!

Kathy Wood